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Sunday Worship Services

Lakeview Worship Celebration Service

      10:45 a.m.     Morning Worship Service

      6:00 p.m.      Evening Worship Service

Lakeview’s Sunday worship celebrations are an exciting time for the Lakeview community to gather together to worship the Lord. They are times of celebration.

We believe in the priority of congregational worship through singing and through hearing the Word of God (the Bible) taught. Services last approximately 75 minutes in order to provide adequate time for both. The music will be God honoring and exciting. The sermons will be verse by verse teaching through books of the Bible to help you understand all that God’s Word teaches so that you can grow in your Christian life. By teaching systematically through books of the Bible, you are sure to hear all that God wants you to know, not just things to make you feel good or that are the pastor’s favorite topics.

Come dressed in whatever way you would be most comfortable. You will see many people dressed very casually and some more formally. All are welcome! You will also find people from different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds at Lakeview. Lakeview strives to be a multi-ethnic church since the Gospel (the good news) of Jesus is for all people.

The Sunday morning and Sunday evening services are completely different. Though they follow the same format, the music and messages will be different. This provides you opportunities for two distinct worship services every Sunday.

We invite you to come experience a Sunday worship celebration at Lakeview with us this Sunday!